Working Together

"An absolute 'must read' for anyone interested in how and why some people can work and live together harmoniously...and that should include all of us." - Gerrard R. Roche, Chairman of the Board Heidrick & Struggles, Inc.

"The ideas and concepts in Working Together are perhaps the most critical in bringing an organization to its fullest potential. The book is an incredible tool in optimizing human performance." - John Dean, President & CEP Silicon Valley Bank, San Jose, CA

"Best-selling Working Together is the complete guide for those interested in the personality-centered approach to management and the application of the Myers-Briggs personality typing tool. Authors Isachsen and Berens provide a historical framework of the personality type, the rational for looking at personality types, a self-assessment tool for those who do not know their type, a thorough description of each type, and an overview on how to manage each type." - Thomas M. Loarie

"Working Together covers a niche of personality type - types at work - almost perfectly. It provides just the right amount and type of information to help anyone use Myers Briggs (MB) theory effectively in the work place. While it has a brief discussion about personality type theory in general and self assessment, there are many books that cover that in more depth, detail and with greater clarity." - JC Reader

"We had a staff situation where largely because of major personality differences the staff was at odds with each other. I pulled several books from my library involving MBTI and found this book to be easiest for the staff grasp that did not have much understanding of personality. Working Together perhaps even saved a staff member from being let go as everyone was able to better understand where the others were coming from and conflict was greatly lessened." - James

"Excellent on-the-spot reference for any in-depth discussion or debrief with individuals or 1-2-1 comparisons. Very helpful for Step II/Form Q clarifications/feedback." - Amazon Customer

"This is one of the best books I've read on MBTI typology, which focuses on management style and personal characteristics, with one page summaries of each type. Good material up front introducing typology concepts. It nicely avoids gimmicky labels other books use." - Rebecca

"Helpful for self-awareness, and also to help others on a team develop their own understanding of cohesiveness." - Louis R.

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